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The seeds for 'READ OUT LOUD' began when Guitarist/Vocalist Tim Read

asked Drummer Neil Ogden to arrange some drum tracks on the demo

songs he had been recording for fun...

After Neil's insistance, they decided to take 13 of the tracks to Summerbank Studios to get them recorded


This is where Paul Hume stepped into the picture as both Producer and Bass Player.

The tracks were worked on in various 3 day sessions, which gave the band plenty of time to perfect and fine tune the songs.

Next came Jem Davis (Keyboard player with AOR Legends FM).

After a conversation about the project Tim asked Jem if he would listen to the tracks and let him know what he thought.. Upon hearing the songs Jem contacted Tim and offered his services with Keyboard duties on the tracks.

This was a pivotal moment as the parts he created elevated the songs to a new level.

Suddenly it began to feel like a real group collaboration, with all four members adding their years of experience as musicians to produce a classic debut album which features songs built on big guitar riffs, catchy choruses and atmospheric grooves which will appeal to all lovers of Classic Rock!

Now, with the CD on sale and the word spreading quickly around Social Media and Press alike, the band is ready to roll!

Armed with songs , showmanship, musicality and a sense of fun, the READ OUT LOUD BAND will appeal to Music lovers everywhere!

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